Electron-positron annihilation

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Electron-positron annihilation Every particle has its antiparticle, which is an exact copy of itself with opposite charge. Sometimes antiparticles have special names, like the positron, the anti-particle of the electron. Sometimes those names are boring: the muon has the anti-muon, the neutrino has the anti-neutrino and so on. Because particles and … Read More

Forces Do not Exist

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  Forces do not exist Most people first hear about forces in high school, with Newton. But the reality is that forces do not exist. Instead, what we have is something similar to particle physics tennis: two particles exchange another one … Read More

Bloody Bosons

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  Bosons and fermions behave quite differently. It is impossible for two fermions to ever be in the same sate: that’s why electrons in atom must have different orbits and not stay all in the lower-energy one which, in turn, … Read More

Guess the Boson

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Ever wondered why two positive charges repel each other? It turns out that tiny particles called bosons are responsible for that. Each positively charged particle is constantly giving off photons, which are the particles that make up light: when one of those … Read More